About Us

Our Mission

In 2019, Kostohryz launched Investor Acumen, a company that is exclusively focused on serving the needs of individual investors and their advisors. Investor Acumen was the result of over five years of investment, research and analysis focused on creating a unique company that would truly empower individual investors and their advisors to reach their financial goals.

Our mission is is to provide unique services that are focused on empowering individual investors to become effective strategic managers of their assets, with a strong emphasis on strategic and tactical asset allocation. This is accomplished through five main channels:

1. Model Portfolio. Our model portfolios mirror our own real-life portfolios and can be put to work immediately. The portfolio construction is focused on asset class allocation, and is exceptionally practical for individual investors to implement.
2. Education. We don't just show you what we are doing with our own investment portfolio. We show you why we do it and how we do it. Our focus will be on portfolio strategy -- particularly strategic and tactical asset allocation and its execution.
3. Insightful in-depth analysis. Delivered via reports and videos. The quality of analysis we provide to our subscribers is unique and sets us apart. Much of our work will be focused on strategic and tactical asset allocation.
4. Mentoring. We are not just educators. We are your mentors, working in a community setting, to empower you to become an effective strategic manager of your portfolio so you can reach your investment goals.

We are deeply committed to empowering our subscribers to fully understand the strategic and tactical bases of our portfolio strategy and the rationale behind each and every portfolio position that is implemented.

James Kostohryz

James A. Kostohryz has more than twenty years of experience investing and trading virtually every asset class across the globe. Kostohryz started his investment career as an analyst at one of the world's largest asset management firms covering sectors as diverse as emerging markets, banking, energy, construction, real estate, metals and mining. Later, Kostohryz became Global Portfolio Strategist and Head of International Investments for a major investment bank.