Investor Acumen is our personal website. Subscribers to Successful Portfolio Strategy will have access to content that we are unable to host on Seeking Alpha. Having our own website provides us with the flexibility to create specific content and services that we otherwise would be unable to offer. First and foremost, registering on Investor Acumen will allow you to receive real-time push alerts and email alerts for all of James's trades. Secondly, it will provide you with access to all our portfolio reporting.

Successful Portfolio Strategy is a premium Seeking Alpha Marketplace financial education service run by James Kostohryz.

Successful Portfolio Strategy is a financial education service that provides subscribers with Investor Acumen's exclusive global macro research. Additionally, the service offers a look into the trades James makes in his actual portfolios.

The service does not constitute financial advice or fund management. James's trades represent his attempt to best capitalize on his fundamental and technical theses. However, all trades and their allocations are ultimately decided with respect to James's personal goals and risk appetite. Therefore, his exact trades may not be appropriate for all subscribers.

Market Lab is the home of our data and visualizations. Importantly, it will include all critical information regarding our model portfolios (holdings, transactions, risk, performance, allocation, ect..). Additionally, as we introduce proprietary models and visualizations in our research, subscribers will be able to view these in real time in Market Lab. Finally, the technical analysis annotations James creates that help guide his investment decisions will be available on Market Lab.