Total Return Strategy

The management of the TRS model portfolio is focused on obtaining extraordinary total returns while assuming relatively low risk -- thereby generating outstanding risk-adjusted total returns, in the course of long-term time horizon.

The strategies and management style that guides the management of the TRS model portfolio are relatively conservative, with a strong emphasis on capital preservation and the achievement of positive risk-adjusted returns.

The time horizon for implementation of the overall strategy is one full business cycle and it is generally expected that individual investments will tend to exhibit intermediate-to-long-term time horizons and holding periods.

The Total Return Strategy (TRS) model portfolio is an educational tool that is designed to demonstrate in real-time how the research and analysis provided in Successful Portfolio Strategy is implemented in a real-life portfolio. To this end, the TRS model portfolio discloses the exact positions and percent allocations of an actual portfolio that is owned and managed by James A. Kostohryz.